Structural Integration and the Living Matrix – Pt 3

Structural Integration is transformational work. We are body, mind, emotion and spirit. Significant changes in any one of those aspects will cause shift in the other parts of our being as well. I have seen many people release old emotional trauma through bodywork. Memories sometimes come up for people when they receive this work. They are stored in the tissues, and they can be released through changing the tissue. Freedom is our birthright, and sometimes a little house cleaning in the body can go a long ways. It can allow people to reclaim different aspect of themselves and move on to the fullness of their potential. I have often seen people spring board into phenomenal life changes after receiving a ten series of Structural Integration.

Positive changes from the work don’t stop after a 10th session. The higher level of organization that has been inputted into that body will continue working for it long past the time when the 10th session is done. It has been documented that a person will often change even more in the 6 to 12 months after a 10th session than they did during their series! That is the result of the synergy effect of so much organization that has been inputted into their body.

Dr. James Oschman, an inspiring scientist that has studied Structural Integration, wrote a book titled Energy Medicine in Human Therapeutics and Human Performance. He describes the connective tissues of the body as a Living Matrix. He states that this living matrix conducts energy and information throughout the body. About the Living Matrix, he says the following:

“Scientists have now begun studying the entire living matrix as a structural, energetic and informational system that reaches to and into every cell. All forms of energy are rapidly generated, conducted, interpreted, and converted from one to another in sophisticated ways within the living matrix. It delivers energy and information at the fastest possible means that nature has available. No part of the organism is separate from this matrix. Memories are stored within this system, and the totality of its operations gives rise to what we refer to as consciousness. This system is accessed by acupuncture and other complementary medical approaches.”

Stress from physical, mental or emotional origins can be cleared out of the body with intelligent hands that know how to release places where stress has become internalized. James Oschman described the healing hand as “One of the most sophisticated healing devices in the universe.” Good bodywork can become a vehicle for purification, clearing, and re-connecting. It’s a way to get connected back into the whole of ourselves, a tool for balancing body, mind, emotion and spirit.

Dr. Rolf once said that when the body is aligned, gravity would flow through and become the therapist. Perhaps she was referring to electromagnetic energy. And could that electromagnetic energy be none other than what we call life force? My sense is that by aligning our bodies within the gravitational field of the electro magnetic polarities of heaven and earth, life force can flow through us. The liquid crystalline matrix of our fascial connective system can give expression for that life force to enliven the circuitry of our bodies. We can be charged and renewed like living crystals.

Each one of us is a unique expression of the life force within us. It is my desire to be as connected with that life force as much as possible. I want to be a living, breathing potential of all that I can be. By putting my attention on that life force that lives within the energy fields of my body, I can be connected to the whole of me. I can live my life from that place of connection with universal life force or Source, as I call it. My decisions and actions will then naturally arise from that place of connection within me. It is my birthright and everyone else’s by virtue of having a human body to be able to do so.

This Living Matrix or connective tissue is what we Rolf practitioners work with. As we help align body segments and assist in clearing physical, mental and emotional blockages in the body, Life Force can flow through. Then we can be energized and supported by the gravitational fields we live within. We can be connected with our Source, charged and renewed like living crystals.