Structural Integration and Energy Medicine: A Handbook of Advanced Bodywork

Foreword by James L. Oschman, Ph.D., author of Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis

Hands-on Experience Meets Emerging Science!

Structural Integration And Energy Medicine: A Handbook Of Advanced Bodywork

This handbook connects the dots to offer the world of bodywork evidence-based emerging science that now supports the theories of Dr. Ida P. Rolf and verifies the existence of what has been known for millennia as ‘Chi.’

The author explores the relationship between the energetics of the body and its alignment, describing how gravity can become a beneficial force when the body is properly aligned.

This illustrated guide complements and details each of the ten sessions of the Structural Integration series, explaining what the client can expect in each session and how to maximize its benefits. For example, Green explores how rotation patterns in the body contribute to pain, and how correcting them may eliminate the need for hip and knee replacements.

When the body’s structure is optimally aligned, pain, inflammation and degeneration are reduced. Likewise, the flow of energy in the body and mental clarity become enhanced. 

This resource guide is designed to accompany both practitioner and client through the Structural Integration series. It includes the psycho-emotional Hellerwork “themes,” practitioner goals, areas addressed, illustrations, movement and awareness exercises, self-care after each session, and support tools to help minimize putting stress and strain back into the body.

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What Leaders in the Field have said about this Structural Integration handbook

“Green has accepted the challenge to introduce the magic, mystery and wide world of Dr. Rolf’s revolutionary work to the next generation. “…” This book is deceptively simple and also simply profound. Read it with an open heart and mind. Let it settle in as you consider finding a practitioner to start you into journeying your body conscious, and centering into the nature of who you are.”

David Davis
Founding member of the Guild for Structural Integration, practitioner and instructor of
Basic and Advanced level S.I.
trainings world-wide.

“Meeting Jean Louise Green and receiving Structural Integration with her over the past few years has been an important aspect of maintaining our health and well being. The excellent care she gives is matched by her in-depth knowledge of meditation, nutrition, and cutting-edge therapeutic technologies. This book is long overdue. It will benefit anyone who is interested in taking their health to a new level.”

Rahasya Poe and Dhara Lemos
Publishers of Lotus Guide Magazine, Chico, CA 


“Through her insightful words, Jean Louise Green invites you to explore, appreciate and enjoy the energy field we live in. She shares stories from her practice of many years and gives resources for practical application. Whether you are a Structural Integration practitioner, a Structural Integration client or soon to be, this book is a wonderful reference along your journey.”

Amber Leigh Burnham, BCSI,
Instructor for the Guild for Structural Integration, Vice President of the International Association of Structural Integrators,

“The concepts in this book can benefit anyone and can also enhance the work of all health care practitioners…. Green has integrated far more than structure—she has integrated her lifetime of experiences and adventures with human structure, mind, body, and spirit.”

James L. Oschman, Ph.D.,
in his Foreword.

“In Structural Integration and Energy Medicine, Jean Louise Green has created an invaluable tool and guide for those interested in, as well as those participating in the process of Structural Integration. Her book provides a foundation for understanding the fundamental concepts of both the physiologic and scientific aspects of the work. Structural Integration and Energy Medicine also provides powerful tools and suggestions to support clients during and after their S.I. series.”

Manny Aragon, BCSI,
President of the International Association of Structural Integrators

“Jean Louise Green’s book, Structural Integration and Energy Medicine, is a wonderful introduction and guide for all who are considering receiving this remarkable work. Using Hellerwork Structural Integration session themes, the author elevates the focus on the metaphysical and spiritual rewards, not just the amazing physical benefits.

In this metaphysical exploration, she delves into the mechanism by which Structural Integration facilities the movement of the subtle life-force electromagnetic energy regulating the body. Her brilliant and thorough research in the body’s relation to the earth’s electromagnetic field explains how Structural Integration activates this healing energy conduit through the body.

Structural Integration and Energy Medicine is an excellent resource for anyone wanting to experience the benefits of Structural Integration with a Certified Structural Integrator.

Robert Carl Scherzinger, HM,
President of Hellerwork International

Reviews from people who have read my book and/or used it with their Structural Integration

Essential supplement to the Structural Integration Series
I have recently completed my second 10-session series of Structural Integration with Jean Louise Green (10 years apart). The second series had the added benefit of having her book to read, before, during and after completion of the sessions. Reading her book, Structural Integration and Energy Medicine, gave me the focus necessary to get the most out of my Structural Integration experience. It helped me feel more responsible for the success of the process by understanding how I was a participant, rather than just a recipient of something that was being done to me. In this book, Jean Louise does a great job explaining the importance of freeing the physical, emotional, and mental blockages for the free flow of energy in the body. She also brings an awareness of the energy flow that we can optimize when we are in balance. I would highly recommend anyone going through the Structural Integration series to read this book before and during the process. Reading the short sections before each session really helped prepare me for the particular work that I would receive that day. She has also included a section called Support Tools that can help me maintain the benefits of our work together. Jean Louise is an extremely dedicated Rolf Practitioner who is excited to share her wealth of knowledge through her handbook.
K. M. RN

In one complete handbook, experienced practitioner Jean Louise Green explains Structural Integration and Energy Medicine in terms that someone new to this practice can easily understand. Practitioners will benefit from her detailed illustrations and wealth of experience in this growing field of practical medicine.

Love it!!
As a newer practitioner of Structural Integration, Jean’s book, Structural Integration and Energy Medicine, has been such an incredible addition to my personal library. It’s the most accessible and interesting book I own on the topic of the Structural Integration series, and the principles therein, by being a blend of eastern holistic energetics with western biomechanics. The illustrations, language, and organization of this book is refreshing, which makes the book a joy to read. She has included many helpful quotes and observations from the pillars within the community of educators in this field, and about each phase of the series, referencing both the anatomy involved as well as the energetic and experiential nature of the work. It is pragmatic to use as a companion to the 10-series, and I plan to begin suggesting the book to my clients.
B. B.

Provides a formula for optimal health
Rarely is an author able to write a handbook that is of great value to both the professional and the lay reader; however, Jean Louise Green has masterfully achieved this balance in her outstanding book, Structural Integration and Energy Medicine. In Part I, Green lays out the scientific principles that provide the foundation for Structural Integration. Part II walks the client and practitioner through each of the ten sessions of Structural Integration, explaining the goals to be achieved, areas addressed, themes, movement and awareness exercises. Part III provides valuable guidance and inåformation relative to utilizing the earth’s electro-magnetic energy; suggestions for healthy nutrition and water consumption; the Five Tibetan Rites; and many other suggestions for achieving optimal health.

Jean Louise Green’s writing style is delightful, down-to-earth, and engaging. Her book is as readable as it is interesting. This book is a must-read for anyone who wishes to achieve his or her full potential physically and mentally while also clearing away emotional stress. More than a handbook, Structural Integration and Energy Medicine provides a formula for living a healthy physical, mental, and spiritual life. Those of us who have been clients of Jean Louise Green are lucky indeed, but even if you make her acquaintance via this book, you will find it a transformative experience.

Structural Integration has redefined my entire baseline quality of life.
Completing a 10-Session series of Structural Integration with Jean Louise was nothing short of life changing for me. I haven’t felt this GOOD in my body physically, mentally, or emotionally since early childhood!

As a patient who’s beaten a terminal diagnosis, I know what it’s like to live with chronic pain. And I know that when we do, we often become accustomed to it. It’s just part of our daily existence. Sometimes it takes the absence of that pain, to realize how bad it actually was. I could cry (and have) at the level of ease, relief, and comfort-ability I now experience in my body. It is beyond what I could have imagined for myself. Structural Integration has redefined my entire baseline quality of life.

I began sessions because I was experiencing debilitating, chronic knee pain that required weekly sessions in order to walk. These adjustments, while they provided temporary relief, never returned me to regular functionality. After one session of Structural Integration however, I noticed a radical change for the better, and after three sessions, the problem had been eliminated completely. It has not returned in any capacity, even without regular sessions! My first session was also mind-blowing in terms of how much it liberated my ability to breathe. I’d long been complaining of shortness of breath for which doctors could locate no cause. This has also improved! I took what felt like my first full breath in years and actually felt my chest and ribs expand and release fluidly.

In addition to the knee pain, I was also living which chronic back, neck, and shoulder pain from an accident sustained in my young teens that had spiraled my right collarbone forward and pulled a lot of other things out of alignment along with it. By high school I was a frequent flyer at the local chiropractor and couldn’t carry a backpack nor sit for more than 45 minutes or so at a desk. These too were all completely resolved! I have more flexibility and mobility in my right arm/shoulder joint than I ever have after that accident! My neck feels comfortable and aligned atop my shoulders, which are no longer visibly lopsided! I wear a dress and tank tops with more confidence now!

To complement her impeccable hands on bodywork, Jean Louise has written an incredibly useful guidebook that one can follow along with throughout their sessions entitled Structural Integration and Energy Medicine: A Handbook of Advanced Bodywork, published by Healing Arts Press, a division of Inner Traditions International.  Her book explains in depth the focus and relevance of Structural Integration as a whole and how it relates to our daily lives, the purpose and effects of each session, and how to care for and nourish ourselves throughout the process as our body shifts and adjusts to accommodate the improvements and release of what no longer serves, both literally and metaphorically.

Lastly, if possible, I highly recommend undergoing Structural Integration with Jean Louise specifically as your practitioner as her passion for this work and the impact it has on her clients individually and through them extends to the world, radiates from her entire being. She demonstrates an unwavering degree of integrity and mastery of her craft. I felt safe, loved and deeply cared for the entire time, thereby enabling me to surrender and open to receive this vulnerable and intimate work at it’s fullest. On top of this, Jean Louise is simply a joy of a human being to connect with. She never misses an opportunity to share wisdom, ask a potent question, or extend a kindness. Not to mention the space in which you receive this work is magical!

Here is an ongoing list of improvements:

  • No more chronic muscular pain/tension
  • Free-moving, pain-free joints
  • No more morning stiffness and pain
  • Deeper, more full breaths
  • Clearer sinuses: I have a deviated septum and Jean Louise was able to actually open it allowing me to breathe out of both nostrils!
  • Better blood and lymph circulation, my hands and feet stay warmer and my detox pathways are more efficient: As someone who has dealt with chronic/terminal illness THIS IS HUGE. Blood and lymph circulation is CRITICAL and this work does wonders for it!!!
  • Sleeping better as I can lay more comfortably
  • Improved digestion due to the abdominal work
  • I have more presence/awareness in my physical body, which leads to more presence in general and has helped me cultivate more peace in my day to day life
  • Overall sense of happiness and comfort in a body that is free of pain!!!


I couldn’t put it down!
The book is brimming with information and inspiration–the kind that turns your mind on and makes you really want to tune into your health in a whole new way. I appreciated Jean’s storytelling, sharing her own personal discoveries throughout her own learning process within the modality and her experience of the energy source. My personal favorite was hearing about her clients’ experience of healing and change especially how the physical changes unlocked the space for emotional and psychological growth as well. Integrated comes to mind! As a Taoist enthusiast, it was interesting to hear Jean’s experience with the energy field and learn about the Western approach to putting language to this area of medical/energy application. She mastered the blend of both educating and empowering readers to enhance their mind, body, and spirit. Read it!

Wish I had this book during my 10-session series!
I completed the 10-session series of Structural Integration with Jean Louise Green, in 2018. I was thoroughly impressed with my body’s transformation and the awareness the treatments brought to me. Although I communicated with Jean Louise throughout the sessions, I feel that I would have benefited had I been able to couple this book with the treatments. This book provides great background information to prepare a person prior to starting the ten-session series. Paired with the actual bodywork sessions, it can be used as an insightful guidebook before and after each appointment. Moreover, this book can help guide a person’s transformation after completion of the series. I think anyone, whether a practitioner, client, or interested individual, can gain valuable perspectives from the experiences that Jean Louise shares. I would highly recommend this book to anyone interested in the topic of Structural Integration.
L. E.

In one complete handbook, experienced practitioner Jean Louise Green explains Structural Integration and Energy Medicine in terms that someone new to this practice can easily understand. Practitioners will benefit from her detailed illustrations and wealth of experience in this growing field of practical medicine.

Emergency department physician
I am an emergency department physician with 20 years of experience in caring for people in their most difficult times.  I started seeing Jean Louise Green after I had to have a total knee replacement at the early age of 43, due to prior athletic injuries.  My body was in a state of pain and functionally acting like that of a person 30-40 years older than my biologic age.  It was affecting me physically and emotionally. Through the initial 10-series and continued work thereafter, I have seen my body heal in a powerfully lasting way. I also think that if I had this work earlier in my life, many injuries could have been prevented.  The work of Structural Integration has helped place my body in its natural mechanical alignment and maximize its healing potential. 

I feel that this work provides an essential missing puzzle to allopathic medical care of the musculoskeletal system.  In allopathic medicine we are very capable of fixing acute traumatic bony injuries and replacement of some joints once they become fully dysfunctional.  However there is a whole of range of musculoskeletal aches, pains and dysfunctions that modern medical care addresses with two, often-inadequate tools of anti-inflammatories and pain-numbing agents.  

Physical Therapy and Structural Integration are the missing links to healing musculoskeletal ailments.  I now have the benefit of Green’s hands-on work and her well- written book entitled, Structural Integration and Energy Medicine: A Handbook of Advanced Bodywork. Her book is a valuable guide for clients and practitioners of the work, and people who wish to optimize the performance of their body.  I am exceptionally grateful for having had the opportunity to receive and learn about the healing bodywork of Structural Integration.  

M. S., M.D.